Local Development Plan Public Consultation

A series of public consultation events across the district have been confirmed to seek the views of residents on how South Cambridgeshire should be developed over the next 20 years.

The public consultation will run from Thursday 12 July to Friday 28 September, giving extra time on top of the standard six weeks normally allowed due to the holiday season, when some residents and parish councils may be away.

Residents will be asked to give their opinions on options of between 4,300 to 9,300 additional new homes to support a possible growth of up to 30,000 new jobs up to 2031.

The new homes needed over the next two decades would be in addition to the 14,200 new homes that have already been given planning permission, or are part of the Council's current Local Plan - including the new town of Northstowe and sites on the edge of Cambridge.

As well as views being invited on the sites that have been assessed as being better for development, residents will be asked their opinions on whether most homes should be built on the edge of Cambridge, as a new town or village, or on land in and around the district's larger villages that have more amenities, such as shops and schools, and where good transport links exist.

Cllr James Hockney

Villagers rally against plan for 13,000 homes

Emily Nice
Cambridge News 17 March 2012

Hundreds of residents united to protest against a huge new housing development proposed on the site of an Army base.Carrying placards reading 'No New Town', Waterbeach residents rallied on the village green yesterday afternoon.

follows an announcement by the Ministry of Defence in July last year of the closure of the barracks, home to 25 and 39 Engineers Regiments, to sell off the land for 13,000 new homes.

The rally was organised by Cllr James Hockney, who represents the village and is spearheading a campaign against the plans called Waterbeach Forward.

He said: “The community is galvanising together and this is why we set up the committee.

“We are all working together to fight against the huge amount of homes proposed and we also want to put forward our suggestions to the developers that will complement and benefit the community.

“Our community is united, determined and up for the fight.”

About 900 personnel are expected to make the move from Waterbeach to RAF Kinloss in Scotland before this summer.

Chelmsford developers RLW Estates now have the contract for the Army site and the former RAF airfield adjoining it.

Chris Goldsmith, managing director of Turnstone Estates, part of RLW, said: “We would be delighted to meet with Waterbeach Forward to discuss the future of the barracks at this early stage.

“It is important that there is constructive dialogue about the future of the barracks so that the wider community can help shape our plans for this important site.

”Keith Taylor, 76, who has lived in Waterbeach all his life and is a member of the golf club, situated on the barracks, fears he will lose his favourite pastime if the plans go ahead.

He said: “The golf club is beautiful with a lovely lake and we have planted many trees there over the years.“To just rip that out and plonk lots of houses there would be a terrible shame. Waterbeach will end up as just a rump on the edge of a large town.

”The committee will meet the developers later this month to discuss the plans.

"Thank you to everyone that came along - a great turnout" - Cllr James Hockney 

Our Mission:

  • To promote sustainable, responsible development of the Barracks for the benefit of the community.
  • To oppose unsustainable, speculative development on the Barracks that doesn’t benefit the community.

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