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Posted by Martin D Jones on 21/06/2013   Email

I am sad that Waterbeach Barracks has closed, I am a former Royal Engineer now living in my home town of Plympton near Plymouth. I have fond memories of Waterbeach and Cambridge. It is a peaceful place even though I went to war from there in September 1990 (1st Gulf War). I recall RAF veterans from WW2 with their stories of German fighters following them back and shooting at their aircraft and the buildings as most fighter cover had been diverted to defend London. When we left for the Gulf I wondered if my RE Squadron would all return? And thankfully we did, although myself and many of us have become ill through Gulf War Syndrome due to the many injections/tablets we took to ward off a nuclear attack in the Gulf. Sadly I have not been able to work since 1996 because of my condition which was amplified when in Bosnia. I wish 'Waterbeach Forward' every success in being able to perhaps curtail overdevelopment of the site. Regards to all, Martin D

Posted by Nick Gibson on 12/11/2012   Email

I was stationed at the barracks 79 - 81 Always enjoyed relations with the village - i designed the front gates in 1980 sad to see the place dissappear

Posted by Councillor Michael Williamson on 02/07/2012   Email

The future of the Barracks Site will be a significant issue in the new South Cambridgeshire District Council Local Plan. See my personal blog,, for further information.

Posted by Mal Robb on 25/05/2012

I spent 3 years or so based at Waterbeach and it is still the best base we EVER had as a family. We drove round last Sunday on return from our holiday and the place hasn't changed much. In a few years time the village will be ruined. It's such a shame this lovely village, great Barracks and Community is going to finish.

Posted by Mr Jones on 15/04/2012

A development the size of the one proposed by Turnstone Estates would be totally irresponsible. The surrounding villages of Chittering, Waterbeach, Landbeach and Horningsea and would be totally destroyed and the A10 would grind to a halt. This idiotic plan must be stopped!

Posted by Maggie Crane on 15/04/2012

A non political group trying to ensure the retention of our village, whilst open to responsible development. Should the proposed plan go ahead the village would be extinguished.

Posted by Daniel Edwards on 19/03/2012

My house is a new build that backs onto the barracks and although I agree the site cannot remain empty, I dont think the infrastructure can cope as it is let alone adding 13,000 new homes which will no doubt be an extra 20,000+ extra cars. Its a shame that a village can have its heart ripped out like this. What about a modern sports centre, business units and a reasonable amount of new houses?

Our Mission:

  • To promote sustainable, responsible development of the Barracks for the benefit of the community.
  • To oppose unsustainable, speculative development on the Barracks that doesn’t benefit the community.

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