Campaign Rally
Saturday 2 March 2013
 at 1:00 pm  
Waterbeach Village Green

Join us at 1pm on Saturday 2 March for a Campaign Rally to protest against the huge new housing development proposed by RLW on the site of the Army Barracks and surrounding countryside.

RLW's new town proposal of 13,000 houses to be built on the Waterbeach Barracks site and surrounding farmland.

This is your chance to show that we want Waterbeach to remain a village and not part of a new town.

The 2001 Census of Ely showed that it had 6,600 homes. This gives you an idea of the size and scale of 13,000 houses.

Our last campaign rally in March saw hundreds residents attend. Lets see if we can top this on this occassion.

The Campaign Rally will be held on the Village Green at the Village Sign.

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Our Mission:

  • To promote sustainable, responsible development of the Barracks for the benefit of the community.
  • To oppose unsustainable, speculative development on the Barracks that doesn’t benefit the community.

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