25 January 2012

In November last year, I informed you that there had been an announcement on the rebasing of 39 Engineer Regiment (Air Support) and Headquarters 12 (Air Support) Engineer Group from Waterbeach Barracks to Kinloss and Wittering respectively, followed by the closure of Waterbeach Barracks.  At that stage I was unable to give you any firm timelines. 

After a number of planning meetings and visits to the new locations, I can now let you know that the endorsed Army plan is:
  • The main body of 39 Engineer Regiment will rebase from Waterbeach Barracks to RAF Kinloss in July 2012.

  • The main body of Headquarters 12 (Air Support) Engineer Group, including Headquarters Works Group (Airfields) and 529 Specialist Team Royal Engineers (Air Support), will rebase from Waterbeach Barracks to RAF Wittering in October 2012.

  • The Army will then vacate Waterbeach Barracks and hand an empty barracks to the Defence Infrastructure Organisation by the end of March 2013. 
The Defence Infrastructure Organisation will then dispose of the Barracks and Married Quarters, although we are not yet aware of detailed plans or timelines for this.

The run-down and handover of the Barracks will be carried out by a small team from the Group who will remain working at Waterbeach between October 2012 and March 2013.  There are also likely to be a few families who do not move to Kinloss or Wittering and who will remain in the Married Quarters at Waterbeach for a period of time after the move. 

We will do everything within our gift to minimise the impact of our departure on the local community.  We also plan to mark our departure in an appropriate way and my team will liaise with local officials to arrange this.  

I reiterate what I said previously; we have been at Waterbeach Barracks for many years and have enjoyed terrific support and friendship from the community.  We all have fond feelings for Waterbeach and will be extremely sad to leave. 

We will stay in touch with you through our usual contacts, but please feel free to raise any issues or concerns you might have directly with us.

Dave Hornby, Station Staff Officer, should be the usual POC for routine enquiries and will attend and brief on our plans at the usual regular local meetings. Now that we have the above direction, we will be setting up a Closure Working Group to start work on a detailed plan for the vacation and closure of Waterbeach Barracks and will let you know our plans as soon as we can.

Colonel Andy Philips
Waterbeach Station

Our Mission:

  • To promote sustainable, responsible development of the Barracks for the benefit of the community.
  • To oppose unsustainable, speculative development on the Barracks that doesn’t benefit the community.

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